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About Me

Chief Gardener

Donna Zontok

Hi! I'm Donna, chief Dirty Girl and avid gardener with decades of experience providing quality gardening and landscape services from New England to the Pacific Northwest and several states in between including North Carolina, Colorado, California, and Southern Utah. 

grew up in a family that valued freshly grown fruits and vegetables in a small New England town in Connecticut.

My childhood was enriched with fond memories of having my hands in the dirt alongside my father and grandfather in our huge vegetable garden which provided our family with organic home-grown vegetables that we lived off of throughout the year.

As I grew older and my life had me traveling to various states across our beautiful country, I longed to have my hands back in the dirt. I naturally gravitated towards the nursery industry and have since worked in practically every field of horticulture. I have been a floral designer, managed a Bonsai greenhouse, and an indoor plant greenhouse, and worked as a grower in a large wholesale nursery in Denver.

Learning how to identify, care for, and grow an array of plants from annuals to perennials to trees has provided me with the valuable hands-on knowledge and experience that eventually led me to create Dirty Girl Landscape.

While I loved all the various industry jobs I was fortunate to obtain, they ultimately didn't satisfy my "gardening" needs so, I began picking up small yard maintenance jobs in my spare time.  Eventually, my side jobs began taking up more and more of my time until I decided to leap into being a full-time Dirty Girl in 2018. 


Over time, my experiences led me to specialize in the hand pruning of small trees and shrubs and property beautification while tailoring every job to my client's specific needs and desires as well as the needs of the plants. I am a staunch advocate for proper planting and care from initial condition assessment to long-term upkeep.

I am proud to say that all my work is eco-friendly with an acute awareness of sustainable growing and maintenance practices. I believe this is of the utmost importance in our beautiful Pacific Northwest area given our proximity to the sensitive marine and wildlife we share our spaces and lives with.

Customer satisfaction and organic plant care are my highest priorities. I love my work and feel grateful and blessed to bring beauty into the yards and lives of all my clients!

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Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years  
  - Unknown
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